Chozen Martial Arts


We are back. Join us for in person class starting April 5th. In order to help ensure our students success we created our digital dojo. The digital dojo is a platform were all students will have the ability to access the video tutorials and join in over zoom or in person classes. For any reason if a student in unable to attend in person classes that day they can attend class live over zoom.



Chozen Martial Arts Tiny Tiger classes are fun filled, energetic and balance between learning and fun! 30 minutes gives our skilled instructional the right amount of time to keep our youngest students on target and learning. A little sweat, a lot of fun, making friends, and growing confidence and discipline while you watch!


Who we are

Chozen Martial Arts instructors have trained under the American-style masters for many years, immersing themselves in all the nuances of American Karate – both in learning it and teaching it. American Karate is recognized as using the most favorable techniques, moves and philosophies of all of the Asian styles, and incorporates the American fighting systems of boxing and wrestling. Using this combined approach, the instructors at Chozen work with all body types and ages without forcing someone into techniques or approaches that simply do not work for them.